Friday, July 6, 2012

CERN and the Tevatron: a very important step in the discovery of the Higgs boson particle A. Units on

As is found, this week is supposed to be one of the turning points of history of physics.announced that they are taking to prove "God particle - God's Particle» There have been very close, but still not able to conclude the final. The researchers based their analysis over the last 10 years researching and creating the 500 trillion particle collisions at the Tevatron particle release have been suppressed. This piece belongs to Kobe Laboratory Fermilab Energy Organization of America. However, two days after announcing this scientists, physicist that large proton induced particle under the Alps are working, they want their latest research results on Wednesday.about 115 to 135 gigaelectron volts can be. What more than 130 times the proton mass. Luciano Ristori of physicists American says, "find the faces of your friends at a sports stadium of between 100 thousand spectators, the easier the search for particle Higgs - like the trillion of collisions between atomic. now look to the 10 billion The border between France and Switzerland with the European dollar is having the world's largest and most powerful particle-breaker, so God ‪ '‬ s Particle finally found. CERN Research Director Sergio Bertolucci and calculations had said last month: "The information that we now have in hand, more than doubled last year. Now time is very sensitive and decisive. " 

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