Friday, July 6, 2012

Stephen Hawking and lost $ 100 because of the discovery of the Higgs particle

The famous English scientist Stephen Hawking in the BBC program said Wednesday that the prize should be given to Peter Higgs, who his name to the Higgs boson particleforgive.  One expected result is not part of them. Due to the lack of waiting, I will not find on the Higgs particle, with Ken Gordon of the University of Michigan closed the $ 100 bet. And so, it seems to have lost $ 100 " If yesterday with Orange was, you're probably aware that, after half a century of research, physicists in Europe Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced on Wednesday that Under a magnifying glass - new nuclear are completely compatible with the Higgs boson particle escape. Particle responsible for giving mass to the Cosmos. Hawking believes that this is one of the most basic human discoveries. He says: "If the Anfal Frapashy and verb and particle are the same that we expect, after a strong proof of what can be called in the standard model of particle physics." 

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