Tuesday, July 24, 2012

With the introduction of digital cameras without a mirror

With the introduction of digital cameras without a mirror

Digital Cameras
Today the company is the first Canon camera, "no mirror" EOS M announced his name , but perhaps there is a question for you is that the camera without the mirror, and what is different from other types of cameras? To find the answer yourself, lose more.

Camera Digital Single Lens Reflex) DSLR)

In terms of looks bigger than other cameras and lenses are interchangeable.Manufacturers of expensive cameras and sensors to their best lenses in these cameras are working. DSLR camera's features are usually selected by professionals. In this type of camera images reflect directly on the sensor is not twisted. Light enters the lens, then reflected by a mirror and five-sided prism to the viewfinder eyepiece is inserted.This allows the camera to preview images and accurate depth of field at the time of exposure to the user. But all DSLR cameras are the same level of quality? That, no  differences between these types of cameras:   - Image quality: The quality of the camera sensor to fit the bigger will be better. puts. Here Lnz·hast quality that makes a different picture quality DSLR cameras.   - speed: speed camera startup, autofocus and shutter lag is the difference between this camera.   - Optical viewfinder: the kind and quality of the mirrors used in this an important role in creating a video camera that plays more like. When you zoom or focus on a subject to change, without delay, you can see the changes. Mnbay of DSLR manual control is on. The creative design such as another camera on the differences between them.   - Page View: The only way to see a lot of image format DSLR cameras, optical viewfinder, but some users prefer the LCD.

Cameras Compact:

 My feet do not appear to DSLR cameras. But the pictures in automatic mode (or other default modes) are very good quality.   The most expensive DSLR camera has an even lower price.   - Display LCD: As mentioned above, many users prefer digital cameras use the LCD screen. I usually take my camera and are offered with this feature. type of cameras there.   - lower speeds: slow, especially as the cameras shutter lag, they (the distance between pressing the shutter and the photo being taken) is famous. It is better in this case never be compared with DSLR cameras.   - relying on the LCD: many Ponit-and-Shoot cameras are totally dependent on its LCD. Although some people enjoy using the camera's LCD viewfinder Some prefer to use. Take a look and have some of the viewfinder, but the angle is so small that it is not easy to actually use it.   Use of various lenses and accessories on these cameras is not possible.

Cameras without a mirror (Mirrorless)

Compared to a DSLR camera with a camera without a mirror

As we said compact cameras are small size, but quality not so great and so did the rest of their problems.  You can never replace a DSLR camera into your pants pocket. And finally concluded that the mirrors are out of the camera. Now the cameras are smaller and thinner. almost all the benefits of a DSLR has a new camera, high speed, fast-focus, manual controls, replace the lens (interchangeable lens, so they say) and the small size. The thickness of the new camera Canon EOS M in the picture below you can see.


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